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18-Aug-2017 08:47

The reason I post here is because many people here know how to do things better than me, so if anyone reading this (that means YOU) sees something wrong, don't hesitate to point it out.

This project will for simplicity's sake be a chat program and no more, but it can very easily be adapted to much much more.

SSAX works by calling a simple script that resides on your own server and calls your own database when a user signs-in to Addon Chat.

Your server then decides whether or not the calling user is permitted access and to which privilege level that user is assigned.

Ches Koblents Chat Server Project & Tutorial | Wi Fi-remote-control sailboat (building) | Joke Thread Rational thinkers deplore the excesses of democracy; it abuses the individual and elevates the mob. Use XXX in a comment to flag something that is bogus but works.Create a client that connects to a server and gets a message and closes. ---------- This first step serves two purposes: 1) We see the basic idea. I recommend changing "localhost" to "" then to your intranet IP address then to your IP address if you wish to open this up to outside access.--------------- SERVER I have arbitrarily picked port 9413 for this exercise. Once we have played with this a little, we can move on to step two.We've already found that using HTML5 chat software such as Addon Chat over a Java or Flash based solution can increase your chat room's popularity by as much as 50%, giving your users the ability to sign-in using their Facebook account can increase this an additional 25-30%!

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Use Link Code Parameters to automatically sign users in using the same username and ID they use on your own web site, forum, blog, or CMS software.

-Partial Credit: Sun If I ask you to redescribe your problem, it's because when you describe issues in detail, you often get a *click* and you suddenly know the solutions. You are also starting the thread via Server Controller, whereas in practice you might use a Thread Pool Executor with TTL threads, thereby removing creation/destruction costs with heavy connect/disconnect operations.